Keeping Your Kids Entertained When You Arrive Before the Moving Truck

Typically, you and the moving truck leave at the same time when you move to a new house. All you have to do is supervise the loading process. Once all your items are gone, you’ve got no reason to stay in your old home. So, you and your children will head out to your new home. However, moving trucks do not travel as fast as your car. Also, they often do not take the same route. That is why moving trucks usually arrive later than you.

Of course, you and your kids will arrive at an empty house. That is why you should always have a plan. Kids can get spooked, bored, or wiggly spending an entire day in an empty home. Luckily, there are things you can to do keep your children entertained.

Dinner In or Dinner Out

During empty house day, there are several methods to deal with eating. This may include ordering takeout or packing a cooler. You can consider taking out your kids to eat to take care of dinner if you’ve got the moving funds and your kids are energetic.

With our latest technology, you can easily search online a great place nearby that is open at night.

Plan Rooms with Masking Tape

Claiming their new space is the first thing your children will want to do. However, it is difficult to do anything without furniture. If you have brought with you a roll of masking tape, then you are lucky. With that, you can mark off easily where the furniture will be. For instance, you can mark off one rectangle for each bed. If you have a pet, you can also mark off a circle for its bed.

Painter’s tape or masking tape can be torn easily. It also doesn’t leave a residue when you tear it. This means that you can put it safely on walls and floors without needing to scrub afterward or damaging the finish.

Walk to a Local Park

Almost every neighborhood has a park. HOA neighborhoods and apartments are excellent about maintaining their parks and keeping it ready for local kids to play. Also, there might be a nearby elementary school that would not mind you spend several hours playing at their park.

Using your smartphone, you can do a bit of research. To get to know the neighborhood, take your children for a fun walk. This is the best chance to learn the route to the nearby park and choose if you are fine with your children taking that route on their own.

Explore the Attic

You will want more than several hours of activities if you’ve got an entire day to wait for the truck. A great place to begin with is playing out in the yard. However, you can also explore your new home from bottom to top. Possibilities are, before you choose to move in, you did not see each nook and corner of your new home. To find access to utility spaces and storage, you can work with your children.