The Ultimate Guide to Moving Office

Moving office can be an overwhelming task, whether you are a corporation with a lot of staff or a start-up with several team members. Don’t worry. We are here to take out the difficulties of your office move, whether you are looking to move to a more fitting environment, downscale, or upscale.

Preparing your Office Move

There is a huge amount of problems to think about whenever you are moving your entire business from one point to another.

Office Removal Budget and Timeline

Create a realistic and clear office moving budget and schedule. Ideally, it is best to create this plan with input from a variety of decision makers in your company. During the planning stage, you can showcase the main reasons for this move and what you’re expecting from it.

Office Layout

Begin by viewing your new and old office floor plans and begin measuring things. Issues that should be planned well in advance are desk placements and power points. To know what desks or furniture you will need to get rid of or replace, make a clear inventory ahead of time.

Staff during an Office Move

Your staff is an element of office moving that might be overlooked in the clamor of monitor and desks moving. Since your role is to handle your staff through the move, this is one of the most significant features to think about. The key here is communication. Therefore, to encourage involvement, you need to ensure that you keep all staff in the loop across the entire process. You will be changing the structure and environment of your office. This means that any hesitations might affect general disarray and staff morale.

Do not forget to hold a meeting with your staff at the new office. Then, by buying them lunch, you can thank them for their patience. You can also tell them to think about it as a fresh start.

Consult the Office Removal Specialists

To make sure the servers and networks are up to scratch at your new office, you can consult Telecoms providers and your IT.

Keep Your Office Connected

One of the biggest problems in any office move is any technological disruption. To make sure a smooth crossover of service, warn telephone providers and IT in advance about your office move. Also, it takes a lot of time to transfer actual equipment. Thus, you need to ensure that everything is planned to optimize productivity.

Moving Out of Office Hours

Your office move must work seamlessly if you hire a professional commercial removal company. However, to minimize disruption, you have to make sure that the bulk of removal is done out of office hours. You are the one who knows the operations better.

Business during Your Office Move

The effect it will have on the productivity of your staff is one of the biggest concerns of the removal process. This can affect their abilities to carry on their daily tasks and their morale. Adopting a business as usual method is the ideal way to combat this.