The Most Popular Reasons Why People Are Moving House In 2019

Are you planning to move to a new house this year? Well, you should not worry. You are not alone. There tons of people doing the same thing currently. To be precise, millions of individuals move each year within the U.S. On a yearly basis, around 14% of the population in the United States is moving to a new house. Of course, there are reasons for this. However, all of the reasons vary, from financial reasons to career changes.

Here, we have listed the most popular reasons why people are moving houses this year.

Financial Difficulties

Several individuals have no choice but to relocate whenever they are faced with financial problems. However, people sometimes relocate to a smaller house in a cheaper location to save more money, even if the financial state has not spiraled to that point yet. Oftentimes, they move so that can easily pay their bills. One of the reasons why people move from one state to another is the overall cheaper cost of living and lower taxes.

Time to Upsize

People outgrowing their old houses are one of the most popular reasons for moving. Of course, having a bigger family is a popular promoter to inspire relocation. Oftentimes, couples that are expecting kids or want to have kids move out of townhomes to multi-bedroom homes with a yard for their kids to play in.


Just like upsizing, downsizing is a natural part of life, even though it might appear like a step backward. Kids move out and begin living their own lives as families get older. Oftentimes, this leaves their parents with a big house with a lot of rooms that are sitting empty. Of course, the wise thing to do here is to move into a smaller house that caters for their needs without all the extra space and rooms that are useless for them. They also want to look for a home that requires less maintenance.

Senior-Friendly Houses

For safety reasons, seniors usually move from a two-story house to a one-story house. Typically, stairways can be a dangerous thing for them if they fall. Also, it can be tiring to always go down and go up the stairs. In addition to that, seniors move to smaller houses that do not need a lot of maintenance. Also, some of the reasons why senior people may think about a change of location are the better weather and proximity to medical facilities.

To be able to help senior family members in case of emergency, close friends and relatives may also move to be closer to their senior family members.  They also want to be close to them during their golden years.

Sense of Adventure

For several people, the need to start their new life in a new place is inevitable. Your move is special, whether you are moving away for love, work, or simply to be in a place that’s foreign for you. You want to live in a new culture and learn all the local way.