Long Distance Moving Tips

It can be an exciting time if you are going for a long distance move. However, it can also be a huge task that can be even more stressful than a regular local move. Luckily, we have several long distance moving tips to help you have a successful move.

Plan Ahead

Making sure that you plan beforehand is the ideal way to ensure that your long distance move goes seamlessly. Before you are planning on moving, talk to moving companies in your area 3 months in advance. You will not have to worry about finding a reliable mover at the last minute if you plan ahead. This is especially true during the summer season. To ensure you are not forgetting anything vital before you move, always plan ahead.

Get In-Home Moving Estimates

A representative from the moving company will visit your house and do a visual survey of every belonging you’re moving if you want an in-home estimate. This enables them to offer you a precise rate for the move. Also, it will help you get a feel for that company you’re planning to hire. Be careful if the company you’re talking with doesn’t offer an in-home estimate.

Research Moving Companies

There are a lot of moving companies out there. Not all of them are the same. To ensure they’re a reliable firm, it is ideal to do some research about the company. Also, it is generally a wise idea to hire a big and established moving company for long distance moves.


The cost of the move will depend on the weight of your belongings for a long distance move. Therefore, you will end up paying more if you have a lot of items to ship. Generally, it’s a wise idea to go through your items and choose what you want to get rid of and what you still use. Before you move, consider donating unwanted items or holding a yard sale. Also, there will be items that you will no longer need because you are moving to a new location. For instance, you can donate your old jackets if you are moving from Michigan to Florida.

Consider the Placement Locations of your Furniture

You need to ensure that all of your furniture will fit to your new house. That’s why you should plan ahead. There is a high chance that your new home will feel crowded if you are moving to a smaller place than your old one. This means that you may have to get rid of some of your items.

Label Boxes

You have to ensure that you label every box while you’re packing if you are doing it yourself. Label what items are placed inside the box. You should also label which room the boxes should be placed into your new house.

Move in the Offseason

This isn’t a choice for a lot of individuals. However, during the peak season, moving companies tend to charge higher rates. That’s why it is better to move during spring, winter, or fall.