Items You Should Leave Behind When Moving

Everybody loves a home that is free from clutter. However, despite our best efforts, clutter seems to come back for almost all of us. You should always be wary of your belongings as you get ready to move. You don’t have to be sentimental about every item you have.

Here are several items you should leave behind when moving:

Old Clothing

You should leave behind clothing that you have not worn for a long period of time. It is fine if you’ve not worn that certain jacket since last winter. However, it is time for you to find a new home for it if you’ve not worn it for many years. There is a high chance that you won’t miss the clothes that you never even wear anymore in the first place.

Throw Away Expired Bathroom Items

Before you move, bathroom items that are expired should be thrown away. Medicines and beauty products expire. Vitamins and medicines will have dates of expiration. Toss them if they are old. The general rule for beauty products is 18 months for dry makeup and 6 months for liquids.


Paper takes up a lot of space. Also, it is very heavy. You must always keep vital documents. This includes financial records and real estate. However, you do not require monthly bills, etc.

Outdated Reading Material

Reading materials that are outdated should be left behind. Do you really have to keep it if you aren’t going to read it again?

Do Not Move Damaged or Broken Items

Before you move, get rid of furniture pieces that are broken. There is a high possibility that you will never fix that furniture if you have not even fixed it by now. Leave the furniture behind if it is rusty, missing a piece, or if you’ve got to repair it before utilizing it.

Think About Your Location

When you move, you also have to consider geography. For example, you do not need your surfboard in Buffalo or your parka in Los Angeles. Do not store items just because you think that they are needed in the future. To make you happy, you should instead get the items you need for your new home.

Leave Behind Old Bedding

Mattresses that are very old weigh a lot. That is why it is best that you replace them at your new house. For those who do not know, almost every mattress should be replaced in 7 years. Also, you should unload old and bulky blankets. While moving, these blankets take up a lot of room and you will not be happy to see the untidy ones whenever you unpack them.

Old Electronics

Old and large electronics can also stay behind. As time goes by, electronics become more and more advanced. In fact, nothing changes faster than electronics. Stereo equipment, DVD players, and old computers can be sold at a yard sale or can be donated. You should also sell or donate your huge TV from the ‘90s. Just let go of them.