How to Protect Floors and Carpets When Moving

During the moving process, protecting your carpets and floors is extremely vital. There’s a huge possibility of property damage if you fail to assure that your floor is protected.

Also, you will lose extra time if you fail to protect your carpets and floors on moving day. This will certainly increase the stress that you already have. Here are several tips on how to protect your carpets and floors


To protect the carpet, laminated, tiled, or hardwood floors in your house, you can capitalize on the unmatched versatility of cardboard. Flatten the boxes of cardboard that you are not using and directly arrange them on the floor as additional protection.

Floor Runners

Take into account utilizing floor runners as a great line of protection for the carpets and floors in your house. To keep them from moving, these excellent covers have anti-slip surface on one side. They are also made of neoprene.

Old Rugs

On the day of the move, you can utilize old blankets or area rugs in your house to produce a temporary line of defense for your floor. To offer a protective cushioning barrier against scratches and dents and to keep dirt or water away from the floors, strategically place the rugs at points along the exit paths.

Sturdy Boxes

Only utilize durable cardboard boxes that can withhold easily the weight of anything packed inside them. Since their original durability will have deteriorated from the previous usage, be extra wary when utilizing free moving boxes.

Furniture Blankets

To cover edges of kitchen appliances, furniture pieces, or any other heavy items you might need to move out of your house, you can utilize furniture blankets or thick blankets. With this, if a heavy item is dropped on the floor accidentally, the additional padding will soften the impact force.

No Dragging

Do not drag furniture across the floor. You will most likely damage the delicate flooring surface if you do this. You will also get broken tiles, scratches, and dents as an outcome. You can instead utilize rubber-wheel dollies and furniture sliders to take all items safely out of your house. You can also carry the lighter items, such as chairs.


Doormats are designed to prevent snow, water, mud, dust, or other forms of debris from getting inside your home as much as possible. That is why you should place one after the main door and another one in front of the main door.


One wrong move can cause huge damage to your home’s flooring if you are about to move heavy furniture, such as appliances or a grand piano. To prevent such damage, you can create a temporary floor over the old one by utilizing sheets of plywood.

Professional Movers

To avoid any type of property damage, it is best to leave the job to the professionals. Professional movers utilize different methods to make sure that your carpets and floors will stay intact and 100 percent safe during the moving process. Hiring them is your best bet.