How to Pack Small Appliances

You might be thinking about the ideal technique to pack smaller appliances while getting ready for your upcoming move. These appliances may include blenders, toaster ovens, and microwaves.

Luckily, we have several tips for packing small appliances that will help you make sure it all arrives secure, safe, and ready to use.

Gather the Appliances

Gather every small appliance you have to pack and organize them. Be wary of the parts that are made of fragile pieces and glass. These appliances must be more carefully packed.

Disassemble and Clean Every Appliance

Before packing it, thoroughly clean and dry every appliance. You need to ensure that you separate any parts that are loose, such as the microwave’s glass tray.

Remove the Loose Parts

Remove all removable or loose parts from every appliance. This includes the blender blades and microwave tray. Since they are fragile, they must be handled well. Write the instructions down on a piece of paper and attach it to the part before you wrap it if there are any instructions on how to reassemble the appliance.

Select a Suitable Box

If you have it, you can use the original packing of the appliance. If not, then choose a couple of medium or small-sized boxes. To ensure that they’re secure, tape the bottom flaps of every box using sealing or packing tape. Even if you have those preassembled boxes, you should still do this. Over time, tape dries out. This will make it lose its grip.

Line the Box with Packing Paper

Lay brown wrapping paper or plain newsprint onto a clean work surface. Crumple the paper sheets lightly and add them to the bottom of the box. This will generate a structure that gives some shock absorption.

Wrap the Appliance

Using 2 up to 3 sheets of paper, completely wrap your appliance. Using packing tape, tightly secure the paper around your appliance. Try not to directly tape the appliance if possible. Packing tape is extremely sticky. This means that it can be hard to get rid of it from smooth surfaces. The tape adhesive might become permanent and require a solvent to be removed if the appliance stays in storage for some time.

Place the Appliance in the Box

Place the wrapped appliance into the box. This includes extra parts, such as electrical cords.

Fill the Gaps

Fill the small pockets of space with packing peanuts or slightly crumpled paper. Also, you can add small pans or pots or other items that are non-breakable. You simply have to ensure that you add paper to any items that are unwrapped. This will prevent it from staining and scratching.

Secure the Box

To prevent empty space at the top of the box, add crumpled paper over the contents of the box. Then, close and secure the box using packing tape. Don’t forget to label the box with “small appliances”. Later on, you will be happy whenever you need to look for that one elusive appliance you were sure you packed.